Make Transformational Software

Our vision is to make transformational software. We do this everyday for our customers. This vision permeates everything we do!

Joe Moss

Co-founder | Business Development
“The Executive”

Joe started his first web design business in high school. He studied Accounting and Marketing at Cedarville University, pursued a career in public accounting, and soon left that to pursue his passion for creating companies and websites. Eclarian was born in 2010 with the vision of making transformational software and websites. In between managing his businesses and making clients’ websites look top notch, Joe can be found on a hunt for the world’s best Caffè Americano and driving his 2017 Honda Civic Type R.

Joel Kallman

Co-founder | Lead Software Engineer
“The Commander”

Joel was not here when I wrote this blurb about him, so he’s stuck with it. Joel went to school. He graduated. Joel went to college. He graduated. Instead of doing what he went to school for, he’s building web applications from the ground up like some kind of cliche analogy gone bad (I’m a brilliant wordsmith, but a terrible analoger (yes that’s now a word (yes, I am now nesting parenthetical statements))). Joel is the wizard behind the curtain at Eclarian.  Well, we’re all sort of wizards, and there is no curtain, but he’s the really really smart wizard behind the figurative curtain. He’s the king of data, and our framework specialist.

Dan Barber

“The Advocate”

Dan grew up with a fascination for technology and computers. He joined Eclarian after graduating from Cedarville University with a Broadcasting and Digital Media degree. His hobbies are sports (playing/watching/coaching soccer!), chucking a Frisbee, and Disk Golf. Dan loves music, videos, and music videos. He plays a critical part in the day-to-day operations at FreshPhone, which is managed by Eclarian. His primary role is to facilitate the smooth operation of FreshPhone, which requires him to provide customer support, educate clients, solve complex problems, and research ways to improve core product offerings.

Why Eclarian?

So, why Eclarian? This is a question that is certainly fair to ask. We could spend multiple pages of content pumping ourselves up and use some fancy word-smithing to market just how awesome we are, but we’ll just use a small paragraph or two instead.


Eclarian is not and does not desire to become a behemoth development company with a large management bureaucracy and an army of personnel who are here for a paycheck more than they are here for the experience and opportunities. We all love what we do because we find it tremendously fun and fulfilling to solve problems and create solutions.  Geeky, yes, but effective. Secondly, we love what we do because it allows us to have freedom from the inefficiencies and dullness of behemoth companies. What this means for you is that you get a team of dedicated geeks that, somehow, have learned how to be friendly and semi-sociable, but who also prefer to get down to business rather than create and navigate resource-draining mazes of red-tape. Don’t get us wrong; we can and have worked with clients who are in a more bureaucratic environment – and produced great results! However, you will always receive the benefit of a development company that is agile, personal, and quick to respond.


We use a unique and proprietary development strategy that we have coined as Coffee-to-Code. Don’t worry, we won’t inundate you with the technical details (we’re not even sure what they are), but the gist of it is that we love to drink coffee (most of us), and we love to code! In turn, we established a symbiotic relationship between coffee consumption and code generation, and produced a win-win formula for our clients!

Clearly, we like to have fun and joke around, but we do take our development seriously. We aren’t going to confine ourselves to a concrete singular development strategy simply because different projects are best suited for different strategies. We find that for most of our clients an agile-like strategy is often best-suited. This is usually because so many opportunities are discovered during development, and also that undiscovered, unstated, or faulty assumptions are revealed that require a change in direction during development. How can we best serve you?