Project Process


Step 1: Discover

The first and most important step is the discovery process. We work with you to determine precisely what it is you need. For larger projects, we will often perform an Accelerated Design Session – a highly energized and focused collaboration with your key personnel to hammer out essential development points and resource requirements. This step is crucial in every project.

Step 2: Design

Every project deserves excellent design! From a User Experience (UX) perspective, great design is often what makes the difference between a poor product and a wonderful product.  Great design is not just how sharp and snappy your user interface or website appears, but also how intuitive, and even fun, it is for someone to use it. Our top-notch designers and coffee-guzzling developers collaborate hand-in-hand to deliver great results.

Step 3: Develop

Finally, our eager developers have the opportunity to begin doing what they love! Yes, we don’t just work to get paid (though we enjoy that part too), but we love what we do. Whether it’s building a website, engineering a software application, or launching an e-commerce platform, we hunger for opportunities to create. Because our developers are not just ‘making it through the work-day’ you can expect that they have their minds fully invested on your project!

Step 4: Test, Refine, Test Again

Even some of the ‘simple’ projects can be fairly complex in today’s highly technical cyberspace. Before launching your project, we test it thoroughly to identify any issues or opportunities that can be handled before release.  Even if we don’t find any issues during testing, we almost always find opportunities to increase the value of the project to you.  Here we implement any desired refinements and test again. Naturally, this step is often repeated several times before launch. Don’t worry, we continue testing during and after the initial launch of your project as well.

Step 5: Launch

The big day is here!  You prepared for this day ahead of time, and we’ve done our part to keep the coffee industry in business while we hammered out your project so it is launch-ready. We continue our testing during the launch, and after the launch for a period of time depending on project requirements. We ensure your project is available and usable, and continue to help identify additional value-added opportunities for the project that we may be able to help with in the future.

Step 6: Celebrate

With a successful launch, it’s now time to take a short breath and celebrate your new baby! Show it off to the world, brag about it, tease your friends and competitors that your project can beat their project up. We also take this opportunity to do a post-project review with you to sum up the development effort and tell you about ideas or opportunities we have identified during the development process (you usually hear about these as we identify them, but we like to deliver them in an ‘all-at-once’ format at this time). Now, take your team out on the town for a steak dinner, or pelt them to near-death in the paintball arena, or whatever it is your organization does to celebrate (however, we strongly encourage that you keep your celebrating within legal boundaries).