WordPress Login Bookmarklet

Need to login to WordPress? Even better, are you looking at the page you want to edit, but aren't logged in right now? It can be such a time waste to go to, log in, then navigate back to the page you want to edit. Here's a little bookmarklet that will take you from the page [...]

WordPress Login Bookmarklet2018-08-16T10:23:25-04:00

Disk Usage

"What happened to all my disk space!" It can be amazing how quickly all your disk's capacity gets filled up with random files and forgotten downloads. Here are a few commands to point you towards some of the culprits clogging up your file system. This command will list the largest 10 objects in the current directory. sudo [...]

Disk Usage2016-11-21T09:00:07-05:00

The Five Stages of Being Hacked

I could never be hacked. I hate that I was hacked. Please let the hack go away. I'm sad that I was hacked. I accept that I have to fix this hack. If you're still on stage one, consider this: 88% of websites contain a serious vulnerability (Urgent, Critical, or High) and 13% of sites can be compromised automatically. [1] That means [...]

The Five Stages of Being Hacked2016-11-14T14:28:54-05:00

Welcome to CLI Magic!

The command line is a seriously powerful place, but it can be a bit like arcane magic trying to divine the right incantation of flags and commands. This will be a series of short posts that give one or two commands that do something really cool or powerful in a condensed form, with a short explanation of [...]

Welcome to CLI Magic!2016-11-07T09:00:07-05:00

Go from WordPress Beginner to Pro!

WordPress is the most popular website content management system and blogging software available today. It now powers 25% of all websites on the internet! WPMU DEV is a resource where you can get tools and support to make great WordPress websites. The team at Eclarian found that staying instep with WPMU DEV helps us solve pretty much any WordPress [...]

Go from WordPress Beginner to Pro!2015-12-10T16:07:25-05:00

Batch Resize Images from Command Line

Quick tip if you need to batch resize a number of photos from the command line: Step #1: Install ImageMagick Step #2: Run the following script, replacing the brackets with the actual paths. This will resize to 1024px wide and auto-resize the height in ratio. mogrify -resize 1024 -quality 100 -path [full path to new file folder] [...]

Batch Resize Images from Command Line2015-12-08T16:40:29-05:00

Change File and Folder Permissions for WordPress

Sometimes copying files produces the wrong file permissions on the server. These two commands will get the majority of your files and folders back to where they need to be. You’ll also need to update the .htaccess and probably the updates folder with more restrictive permissions. cd ~/public_html chmod -R 0755 * chmod 0644 $(find . ! [...]

Change File and Folder Permissions for WordPress2015-12-08T16:39:57-05:00